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The Basics.


          My name is Raven I’m a 18 and I have just finished High school. I am now what most people call after High school “the real world”. This is the most adventurous part of a persons life to be on the stepping stones to create their future. For some they go straight to college, get married, start a family, party, find themselves, travel, stay home, or just learn about life. For me personally I am just trying to literally make something out of nothing.

Let me introduce myself a little more personally and give you the basics.

I was living in Dothan, Alabama (where my mothers family lives and where I Graduated from) I came to Coleman, Texas (where my fathers family lives) to visit for the summer, but while I was here I realized that I would reach my future goals here than where I was living. Now let me explain Coleman for you. The population is less than 6,000, it is almost in the center of Texas, the biggest store here is the Dollar General, everyone knows everyone and their families, and there is more Mexican resturaunts than anything else in this town. I bet your thinking to yourself why in the hell would a 18 move there? It’s simple for most people my age things are pretty much handed down to them( which I’m not judging if your parents worked hard enough to give that life style to you than you should be more than grateful) I wasn’t one of those people though. I am literally having to work for everything that is coming my way. So, in saying that I have moved in with my grandparents who are willing to put up with my shit and give me a place to stay. God bless them because they know  I am one of the biggest smartasses to walk the planet today. They and who ever is reading these blogs that I’m going to start writing are going to be with me through my “Real World” journey (is what I’m calling it) on my day to day or event to event stories. I’m starting this blog to help or entertain who ever wants to read them. This is just my personal story of the journey of me “growing up” or “finding myself” or what ever you want to call it.

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